LUNG is a two-piece, comprised of electric cello and drums, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Their sound is dark, haunting, thick, and moving. Their style defies conventional genre definitions, evoking the driving sludge of early grunge/post-rock, with layered, symphonic dark rock ballads.


Formed in March, 2016, Lung launched out of the gate with a 4-song demo in advance of a full length album, a flurry of regional dates, and a live performance that leaves a packed house mesmerized. Tracks from the Bottom of the Barrel EP have been applauded across the globe, airing on radio stations throughout North America and Europe to South Africa. 

Both Daisy (drums) and Wakefield (cello, vocals) have had multitudes of projects in the past and draw from a rich range of influences. Daisy was a core member of both the prolific rock band Foxy Shazam and feminist punk band Babe Rage. Wakefield has been writing and performing music with live cello and vocal loops for years. Together they create a distinctive, provocative style and an enigmatic live performance. 

Lung perform at Ladyfest Cincinnati 2016. Photo by Zac Bailey

Their sound resembles the lovechild of a twisted affair between St. Vincent, The Dresden Dolls, and Death from Above 1979 imbued with lush vocal harmonies and dark lyrical play.


The duo’s [sound is] compelling (it’s rocking and not what you probably envision a drums/cello/vocals project would sound like).
— Mike Breen, CityBeat

Lung: A sometimes delicate, sometimes commanding voice over the brooding tones of an electric cello. Powerful, sinister indie rock from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Playing Motr Pub on Nov. 18, 2016. Photo by

The electric cello is used as a loud, unforgiving force. Wakefield wields her heavily effected, amplified cello to create a booming, melancholy, distorted tone. Daisy compliments this sound with raw, forcefully stark drumming that drives their music to frenetic heights.

There just isn’t much else out there that can pummel bowels with this extreme level of heavy syncopation while simultaneously servicing the needs of the song and strengthening the power of a melodic female vocalist.
— UR Chicago

Cincinnati’s Lung is like one of those eggs in the first scene of Alien: you know something tremendous is coming. Whatever hatches out of that thing, it’s going to make a huge impact.
— Zac Bailey, awesome guy