Two-piece, comprised of electric cello and drums, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Their sound is dark, haunting with a style that defies conventional genre definitions, evoking the driving sludge of early grunge/post-rock, with layered, symphonic dark rock ballads.



Formed in 2016, the duo has been hitting it hard by playing over 200 shows across 40 states in 18 months. In March 2017, they released their first full length album, Bottom of the Barrel, which has been met with acclaim from crowds across the United States and publications such as: New Noise Magazine, The Fire Note, and Daytrotter. Lung are set to perform at SXSW 2018 and are currently finalizing their second album.

Kate and Daisy have had multitudes of projects in the past and draw from a rich range of influences. Daisy was a core member of both the prolific rock band Foxy Shazam and feminist punk band Babe Rage. Kate Wakefield is an ex opera singer who has been writing and performing music with live cello and vocal loops since 2014. Together they create a distinctive, provocative style and an enigmatic live performance. 

 Photo: Brian Mahar

Photo: Brian Mahar

The duo is compelling (it’s rocking and not what you probably envision a drums/cello/vocals project would sound like).
— MIKE BREEN, CityBeat

Lung: A sometimes delicate, sometimes commanding voice over the brooding tones of an electric cello. Powerful, sinister indie rock from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Photo: Brian Mahar

Singer/cellist Kate Wakefield is an absolute beast at her instrument, the John Cale of the Ohio Valley, commanding the room with the enormity of her presence, pulling sounds out of her instrument that would make the heaviest metal player weep tears of joy. All while shouting at the heavens with her dulcet voice that navigates and winds through punk’s fury and indie’s experimentalism. Drummer Daisy Caplan beats his kit like it stole his lunch money.
— SYD BISHOP, Leo Weekly

Cincinnati’s Lung is like one of those eggs in the first scene of Alien: you know something tremendous is coming. Whatever hatches out of that thing, it’s going to make a huge impact.
— Zac Bailey, awesome guy