Indianapolis Inn's that aren't actually Inn's- but are actually great bars with live music

The Melody Inn is a neat hole in the wall bar in Indianapolis with tons of guitars, records, and gritty art on the walls.

Things to know about playing the Melody Inn.

1. It is not actually an Inn. If you are looking for lodging and head there, you will be sorely disappointed.

2. The sound engineer, Mike, is a really cool guy- but really would prefer it if you bring him gifts from your home town if you're going to play the venue. Like, if you are from Wisconsin, and come without cheese curds, he might get kind of bummed. We did not know about this- but Mike- if you're out there- we will bring you a pound of Cincinnati's finest Goetta the next time we swing through. Promise.

3. The jukebox that they have is filled almost entirely with local artists to Indy. Pretty cool stuff. 

Spandrels opened up the show with an epic solo performance. He sounds kind of like if Bright Eyes had an upbeat (but not cheesy) drum machine, crossed with early Swans. The song that stood out is a frenetic heart felt, angsty ballade called "Boy". We will post it up here once it's recorded if we ever get ahold of it. If you haven't seen him and have the opportunity to, you really should. 

S.E.R.V.I.C.E. headlined the evening and all I have to say is they were so good that I had to run to the bathroom immediately after their set to write in my journal about how great they were. The lead singer, Jilly, performed with such captivating force that you couldn't help but watch. It was almost like watching Patti Smith, if Patti Smith were on some kind of crazy drugs. By the end of her show, she had the audience so tightly wound, I feel like she could've started a rock n' roll cult of some kind. Jilly, you are my leader. Praises. Anyway- as far as how the music itself sounded, the songs were catchy as heck with guitar riffs that stick with you for hours after. 

After the show, we were super lucky to meet this awesome guy named Wes who hosted us for the evening. Indianapolis hospitality. Holy hell. Wes let us try lots of absolutely delicious ferments he was working on, including tangy sauerkraut, belgian beer, and japanese pickles. His cat is also an A+ cuddler which is a huge perk. 

I'm going to end this post with a photo of SERVICE killing it, and Wes's kitten-christmas card. Merry Christmas. 


S.E.R.V.I.C.E. bewitching us all.

S.E.R.V.I.C.E. bewitching us all.

Merry Christmas from the Martin household!

Merry Christmas from the Martin household!