Anderson Indiana, Burdock House:: 8/19

When we arrived at the Burdock House folks were hanging out in the back garden starting a fire in the fire pit. Everyone had laid back, friendly vibes and I was offered swigs of dark rum from brown paper bags before we even reached the stoop. We walked in through a door that led to a kitchen. Josh and Sibyllla-the owners and brilliant minds behind this co-op/music venue- were baking potatoes and macaroni for anyone who wanted it. The walls were painted with rich bright colors, and were covered in Velvet Underground posters, clocks, bicycle wheels, and all sorts of other eccentric signs and art. There were baskets of fruits and vegetables that were grown in their garden, and three large jugs of home brewed, slightly sweetened iced teas sitting on a counter.

The kitchen led to a narrow hallway with doors to five or so little rooms that were set up to house traveling bands, and knowing the owners of the house- probably anyone who needed a safe place to crash for awhile. At the end of the hall, everything opened up to a large turquoise room with the stage. The walls were covered in white christmas lights and an old sign that read “Christian Science Reading room” with an arrow pointing to the bathroom.

The show featured lots of Anderson locals beginning with solo artist WD Benjamin, offset Hell’s Orphans, The Dictionary Scene, and the Indiana folk legend, Joe Augustine aka Achilles Tenderloin. There was a cameo appearance of Matt from SERVICE- who recounted playing Nigel from Hell’s Orphans 13th birthday party. Nigel is no longer 13. It’s clear that bonds run deep across Indiana. The show, the space, and the good folks of Anderson exemplify the most positive aspects and community of DIY culture.

We regretfully declined the 4 AM invite to partake in Delux Doughnuts. The next time we are in Anderson and up too late, we will eat fried dough with the locals. It just wasn’t going to happen last night. After 3 o’clock beds are way more fun than doughnuts.

*Side note: We have t-shirts and tonight people actually bought them. Below are pictures of our unpaid t-shirt models of the night, Joe and Nigel. 


I told Joe and Nigel to act like sexy tigers.

I told Joe and Nigel to act like sexy tigers. they are being turtles..#bestmodelsever they are being turtles..#bestmodelsever