"Welcome to Forest Lanes. As usual, this is going to be a good time"

Playing a show at a bowling alley on a Saturday night in middle of nowhere Ohio is probably just as great as one would expect it to be. Forest Lanes is in Kedzington Ohio and the entire night seemed to be a deleted scene from a 1990's teeny bopper film...you know, the highschool party scene where all the hip kids are hanging at an out of town parent's pool. This is not to say that it was bad, just filled with dudes drinking cheap beer, cover bands, and people invading your personal space.  

We played on a patio after a few bands. Singer songwriter Levi started off the evening with a bunch of original tunes with catchy choruses. Following Levi was a band called Grandma's Favorite Grandson. They played every hit that ever came out of the 1990's and then a few more. They were super in sync with one another musically and it was clear that they are a treasured staple to their community.  

And then we played. And it was really strange. People danced as if they were at a bar mitzvah and mimicked my cello playing with exaggerated hair metal movements directly in front of me. I kinda assumed they were being confrontational  dicks, so we moved a song about Brock Turner into the early part of our set. Towards the end I realized that the crowd was not being rude, and that it was just a more enthusiastic group than I was used to. The weirdest moment of the night for me was having some guy put on red underwear, dance around ( while I'm singing my brains out) take them off, spin them around their head and throw them at my cello.  I'm going to choose to take this as high praise from the gentleman with the miller light.  

The drinks of the locals were jaeger with monster energy soda added to it, as well as bud light. I enjoyed both because when in Rome do as the crazy Romans do. The bartenders and owner of the restaurant were good people, and gave us a few beverages on the house. Big thanks to Jamie and his son Chip!

The last band, Vanishing Apollo, was really fun. They are from Kent Ohio and played rocking "stoner grooves". They were also really kind and genuine people, which was refreshing.  

We ended up finishing off the evening at a Walmart parking lot where Rachelle cooked us all an epic dinner of black beans tacos. I will leave you with her secret recipe so you can all drive out to Walmart and recreate the magic.

Rachelle's "Ohio As Fuck"  Beans

1 can of black beans

1 bag of pre cooked rice

2 cloves of chopped garlic

A generous amount of olive oil

a splash of apple cider vinegar

sriracha to taste

red pepper flakes  

Italian herbs

some sort of vehicle for tacos- tortillas, crackers, Indian naan

1. Mix everything except for the tortilla together in a large Tupperware and shake while jumping up and down on one foot.

2. Put it on the tortillas

3. Sit and eat it in an Ohio cornfield somewhere. 


The masters at work. 

The masters at work. 

Jaeger town 

Jaeger town