The Other Portland (Maine)

What an evening. The Poland House was one of those places that felt too intense to photograph. The people that we met, the personal stories that we heard, and the feeling of playing to a packed basement of people who connected with the music we are trying to express, can only be adequately remembered in my mind.

We rolled up to the house, and were greeted by a slow and easy afternoon. Everyone was quick to offer us help carrying our gear, and equally quick to include us in a hilarious game of badmitton. "Included" is what I felt immediately and what I feel is a mission of The Poland House. The house itself serves as a co op of sorts, and is filled with compassionate, creative humans. They are also actively working to have the house serve as a place of refuge for LGBTQ and other individuals who have seemingly nowhere else to go. A few times a month they put on killer shows- because if you're a house of beautiful souls that's just what you do, I guess.

The other musicians who played were incredibly talented. Father Spatter sounds like a cross between Modest Mouse and Bright Eyes. The Asthmatic played ambient music with creative vocal stylings.

After the music wrapped up, the night was far from over. We all shared a very large bottle of Carlos Rossi and sat in the grass listening to housemate Dillon, his sister, and Raul play original songs as well as covers of shared favorites. Dillon was leaving to move to Italy in the morning, so everyone decided to stay up so as not to waste their last night together. The air was filled with music, bursts of laughter, and the first scents of damp fall leaves. Many people did stay up all night to watch the sunrise. I am unfortunately not a night owl and am actually secretly a Grandma, so I turned in at around 3.

Big thanks to all of the open, honest people we met at The Poland House and Mid Coast Queer Collective for putting together such a lovely evening and for giving us a place to stay the night.