Off to Michigan and then south forever

We're leaving Cincinnati today after playing the first night of a really cool local event called Price Hill Creative Community Fest. The festival is put on by MY Cincinnati, an organization that gives free music lessons to children and basically empowers the entire community. We played at 8:15 pm in a library basement surrounded by cardboard cutouts of painted cartoon creatures to a group made up of lots of little kids. I think my favorite conversations happened as we were setting up. This little gal shouted questions from the audience, "Hey! Hey! What is that?" (an electric cello!), and "Where'd you get it?" (my friend's basement), and "how much did it cost?" (less than 300, but you can find it for less than that). Then she was silent for a minute, and as we were setting the levels for everything she blurted out "Hey!! Hey!! Why do you have to play so loud?" - which cracked me up so hard, because really, that's a great question. 

You can find out more about MyCincinnati and the creative community fest HERE

Today we are headed to Michigan (detroit metro area) and then we are headed south forever- because what better time to hang out in Georgia then at the peak of the summer heat? In all seriousness, though, we are really pumped for the shows lined up. 

shows. lined. up. below.
8/4 Cincinnati, OH Price Hill Creative Community Festival
8/5 Ferndale, MI The Loving Touch
8/6 Columbus, OH Spacebar    
8/7 Charleston, WV Kin Ship Goods
8/8 Winston-Salem, NC Test Pattern
8/9 Charlotte, NC The Station
8/11 Jacksonville, FL Shantytown Pub
8/12 Valdosta, GA Wake Up Fest
8/13 Columbus, GA The Estate
8/14 Atlanta, GA  Eyedrum
8/15 Athens, GA Caledonia Lounge
8/16 Chattanooga, TN Sluggo's North
8/17 Knoxville, TN The Birdhouse
8/18 Nashville, TN HOUSE SHOW
8/19 Louisville, KY Seven Sense Fest
8/20 Lexington, KY The Green Lantern
8/25 Muncie, IN Be Here Now
8/26 Wayne, MI Mitten Punk Flea Market