Hung out at Red Emma's, a socialist bookstore that is worker owned and pretty awesome. There is a sign at the front register that says "please do not assume anyone's gender/preferred pronouns". The space was wide open, and most of the tables are communal. The staff allows homeless people to hang out in the building- which REALLY shouldn't be that revolutionary but is. I was told later by one of my friend's that sometimes other costumers complain about this fact, and the staff at Red Emma's couldn't care less. 

The show was super fun--we played at a mexican restaurant called Holy Frijoles. Our friend June put it together. She always hooks us up with great shows in the city. We played with M'aidez, and Infinite Pizza. Thanks so much to June, to the folks at Holy Frijoles for hooking us up with delicious free mexican food, and to all of our Baltimore buds for coming out and making that Sunday show such a good time.

Now we are back in Cincinnati for a few days and then off to Louisville! all the love