Mt. Joy

Played at Bube's Brewery for the second time! It was great to be back. The show was with our friend's in the band What's her face, as well as another band from Jersey called Will Wood and the Tapeworms. The lineup was super eclectic- and Will Wood played with so much energy and stage craft that it was hard not to watch the set. Their music kind of reminded me of The Scissor Sister's early stuff crossed with cabaret or musical theatre. 

Other highlights of the day::: WE ATE PHO. There is this amazing Pho spot on the drive between Pittsburgh and Mt. Joy called Kim's Pho- If you are ever making the drive google map that as quickly as you can. Basically it's the cheapest and most delicious Pho in the midwest/eastern side of the country I have ever had. Pictures below.

After the show, Joe from What's Her Face took us out to a late night breakfast at a diner around the corner. I tried Scrapple. If you don't know what Scrapple is, it's a mysterious sort of breakfast meat-concoction that people in PA are all about. It has a crispy exterior, and a creamy interior. You are supposed to eat it with syrup. I think it's one of those foods that the less you think about it, the better it is. The texture is super strange----creamy meat...........???? I'm not a huge meat person to begin with though- so take my opinions with a grain of salt. If you are into meat, you will probably love Scrapple. If not, it is mildly horrifying, but definitely edible.

Sleeping in the van has been great! Daisy and Rachelle (my best bud and Daisy's partner) built an insanely amazing loft in the back of the van with tons of sleep space. The last tour we went on we spent a lot of nights on bench seats in 20 degree weather. There was one night where I seriously put on every single article of clothing that I had brought with us. Anyway, this loft situation and this nice weather in comparison feels fancy as heck and turns gas-station/walmart parking lots into 5 star hotels. I successfully brewed drinkable (actually kind of tasty) coffee in my to-go coffee mug with ground coffee, gas station hot water, and a tea strainer. More on that later.