Philadelphia: 2 piece fest

Day 3 of this run went well! The day started off at a spot called The Golden Violin shop. I rarely put on new strings, and yesterday halfway through the first song of our set I realized that my A string was hanging on by a thread- which means that it was definitely time to shell out cash and put new ones on. Mr. Golden is great at what he does--he makes violins, repairs them, and also carries strings at a good price point. If you are in a pinch in Philly, give him a call. After that we spent a bit of time in Philadelphia. I found an amazing bookstore. I think it was called Our House bookstore. It was one of those super dense book stores that had rooms and rooms laid out in beautifully disorganized mazes. It was a good way to spend the early evening before the show. 

We played a DIY festival called 2 Piece Fest at a really nice spot called The Rotunda. The idea of this fest was that the only requirements were that every band must have only 2 members. The show was run super effectively- everybody had short 15-20 minute sets, and there were two stages, making it so that each band would play back to back. The coolest part about this fest was hearing all the different kinds of music coming out of Philadelphia. The bands/groups that stood out to me were Static Brothers (a duo of rap/electronic artists), Rukut (heavy doom-y band//the lead singer was femme presenting and had insanely powerful vocals. Baltimore based group), Danjo, and Geb the great cackler (members of Invasive Species, playing ethereal folk songs that made me think of Diane Cluck). 

One of our new friends that we had met the night before in Mt. Joy came out again, and a big group of us did super late night Philly pizza. I still don't really get what makes Philadelphia pizza different from other pizza...but it was delicious.  We are now heading to Baltimore to play at a mexican restaurant! Should be a time!