Laredo Laredo Laredo Part 2


LAREDO! This was hands down one of the best shows I have played in a long time. First of all, I want to give Beto from Second Chance Music a huge huge thank you for booking us, and for promoting the hell out of our show. It makes a huge difference, and we really appreciate it.

I already wrote a bit about Laredo yesterday-but to recap, it is a beautiful small city about 10 minutes from Mexico. The food that we had was delicious (Tomatillos for lunch, more on dinner later..), the people we met were incredibly kind and interesting, and the venue we played at was gorgeous. The  event got moved from Second Chance Music’s record store to an event space across the street. The venue was very different than most places we play and was covered white shimmery fabric draped everywhere, and lots of christmas lights.  The sound system was also incredible.

The night started out with a great interview done by blogger Leci Solis. She is starting a music blog out of Laredo and wanted to do a feature on our band. As soon as it’s up on its’ feet, I’ll post a link on our website. I am a sucker for good music blogs, and am excited to read her take on underground music in Texas and elsewhere.

We played with some really cool bands. I especially loved In Shades from Mission Texas. Listen at . I will say, another out of town bands’ lead singer was saying such shitty things that I wanted to clean his mouth out with soap. For real. I am pretty sure that it was some sort of male-bravado act and was not meant to be horribly offensive, but part of his “flirty” banter was to say during a song (pointing down to a woman in the crowd) “I’m probably going to fuck her tonight”.  This is REALLY not cool, and if you’re reading this- know that your band is tight as hell, and you don’t need to say derogatory things to get a reaction out of the crowd or to make you look cool. It does the opposite.

After the show we hung out with Luis Guevara and did an interview that ended in photos taken from a MINI AIRPLANE DRONE! I don’t know if that’s it’s official name, but it looked like the robot from a futuristic movie about robots taking over…the future is here. The video interview will be up early this week.

We stayed out late, chatting with new friends, and enjoying the incredible weather, and ended things at Taco Pelinque.  Another northerner note—we do not have free salsas in the Midwest or the northeast…ever….the delicious salsas at Taco Pelinque would cost at least 3.50 a piece for a smaller amount anywhere past the TX or FL border. And they probably wouldn't be as good.

Thanks again to Beto, Leci, Luis, the bands we played with, and all the folks in Laredo who came out last night for making it a truly special evening.