Nacogdoches, TX and good tasting coffee

Yesterday was pretty chill. We made an early road stop on our way to Nacogdoches in Shreveport. Daisy digs that town, and needed coffee. I'm a coffee addict as well--I turn into a total asshole if I haven't had any caffeine within about 30 minutes of waking up. This has been super expensive in the past--2 to 3 dollars on coffee a day adds up pretty quick over a month or two. This tour I haven't spent much money on morning coffee (with the exception of the occasional Waffle House cup) because I figured out how to make it. Here is my recipe for how to make good tasting coffee that you don't have to pay much for on the road.


What you'll need
A to-go coffee mug//thermos of sorts. I use a 16 oz one. It gets you 2 large mugs of coffee.
A real mug.
Ground coffee
A tea strainer that sits on top of your mug
A gas station
Gas station creamer

1. Put 3 giant spoons (probably table spoons??) of ground coffee into your to-go thermos. Put 2 sad spoons of coffee if you are one of those people who likes weak coffee. If you want to avoid having everyone think you are stealing coffee, do this AT the coffee spot in the gas station. This way they won't think you are stealing coffee, they'll just think you're really strange.
2. Use the hot water spigot to fill the thermos. Don't fill it all at once. Do it like you would for a french press- so put a little bit in there/enough to cover the grounds/and swirl it around for a bit. I don't really know WHY this makes a difference. Barista friends have told me something about it helping to release flavor? In any case, it makes you feel fancier, swishing your coffee around. Smelling the coffee like a weirdo.. Looks super official.
3. After about 10 seconds of swirling the water/coffee around, fill the coffee mug all the way to the top. Seal the thermos.  
4. Wait about 10 minutes. I shake it up occasionally. Put the tea strainer on top of your coffee mug, take of the lid to your thermos, and slowly pour the coffee. You'll be in the van at this point, so be careful not to accidentally pour the coffee on your lap. Watch out for pot holes. 
5. Throw the strained grounds in the garbage or out the window. DIY compost..?
6. Enjoy! There should be 2 cups of coffee for you. If you like cream, add your favorite gas station creamer.

Nacogdoches was a REALLY good time. I'm always impressed with small towns that have music scenes that come out to see live shows on weekdays. The bands we played with were Matt Moore (solo), Dirty Dianas (sax based group that sounded reminiscent of the Billy Tipton Sax Quartet), The Dead Chachis (fast driving rock), and Spiral Eye (lots of Slayer). Everyone was big on having a "texas time". More on Texas Time and what that means exactly later. 

OH random crazy Texas fact--in Nacogdoches (and I'm sure other spots in TX) they have taco bells that are open on WEEKDAYS inside until 4 AM, and 5AM weekends......!!!!.....!!!.......

We are headed to Houston today to play NotsuoH. best-

Drive Friendly. No angry drivers. This is Texas. Get it together.

Drive Friendly. No angry drivers. This is Texas. Get it together.



Spiral Eye at Headliners Sports Bar. 

Spiral Eye at Headliners Sports Bar.