Hey hi Indiana, good to see you again

We are heading to Richmond Indiana today! I think of all the states in the US that we have played, we have played more in Indiana than any other state. It's one of those surprisingly fun states to play..it's kind of like fight club...you don't know about it unless you KNOW about it... (I have never seen fight club, but I think that's a correct way to reference it...). 

8 Lovely Places to Play Shows/and/or visit in Indiana
1. Lafayette: I had one of the most haunting and strange experiences of my life here. It is a super old city filled with lots of weird little hole in the wall places. We played at The Spot. It is also southern enough to have Paw Paw's- a tropical fruit that grows in the southern midwest that tastes like a cross between a mango and a banana. 
2.Evansville: PG is great! Amazing vegetarian food.
3. Richmond: We are playing here today! I've played a couple times with my solo project here. New Boswell's brewery is a very home-y spot with delicious experimental beers. The last time I played there they had a crazy stout that was brewed with peat- what you use when you make scotch.
4. Indianapolis: Obviously this is on the great Indiana list. This is a cool city. You all know it. My favorite memory of Indianapolis is from the first time Lung played there, and we played with the band S.E.R.V.I.C.E.-which is one of the best live bands I've ever seen. Jilly is an insane front woman who channels the glory of Patti Smith and the intensity of Bjork. Their music is frenetic and incredible. Look them up now. They have a demo online and a full length coming out soon.
5. Anderson: Has a fantastic DIY scene. We played  two shows at the same place- one was a party and the other was a wedding. Yes, Lung played a Wedding. We are officially a Wedding Band. If you want "Bottom of the Barrel" played as you are walking down the aisle, hit us up)
6. Bloomington: Great college town to play. People are VERY friendly here. It is oddly a wonderful  place to buy cool stones. It gives Hot Springs a run for its' money.
7.  Madison: Madison is a small town tucked away in the hills of Indiana on the Ohio River. Definitely worth stopping and walking around in if you ever pass through the area!
8. Fort Wayne: I love Fort Wayne. We have had excellent times at a small halloween bar called Skeletunes. 

In closing, if you live in Indiana, and live in a city/town that is not written about above, send us a message at lungbooking@gmail.com I want to add to this list. 

See you tonight, Richmond! Then we are off to ...
5/26 Michigan City IN 2pm SWALE
5/26 Howell MI 9PM BLED FEST
5/28 London, ON Forbidden City
5/29 Toronto, ON Nocturne
5/30 Buffalo, NY Deep Space 8
5/31 Cleveland, OH Mahall's
6/1 Ontario, OH The Ontario Coffee Department.
6/2 Nelsonville Music FestivalL, Nelsonville, OH
6/3 Dayton, OH Blind Bob's Bar


informative Indiana billboard

informative Indiana billboard