Richmond IN, Michigan City IN and BLEDFEST

These last two days have been super busy and great. They kind of reminded me of our time at SXSW in the fact that we played multiple shows per day and all of our shows have had totally different vibes. 

Yesterday we played at New Boswell's Brewery with our friend Joe Augustin. Joe has a solo singer songwriter project called Achilles  Tenderloin. The brewery itself is pretty nice- and the space was large, with lots of tables, high ceilings, and folks bustling about. After the show, Joe took us out to a pizza place called PIZZA KING. Pizza King is not like your typical late night diner/pizza joint. You walk in and the place has old glass lamps hanging everywhere, an old street car decked out with booths that you can sit in, and lots of old school rotary telephones at each booth. Garlic bread and pizza were both on point. Highly recommend it to any late night diners who find themselves in the Richmond Indiana area.

Today we played at Swalefest in Michigan City Indiana and then later at Bledfest in Howell Michigan. Swalefest was outside in a park. It was all amazing weather and blue skies. They took care of us with a bunch of donated Jimmy John's and other things donated from local Michigan City businesses- including a bunch of drinks from an asian market. I think I had a prune soda. It was bizarrely delicious. After we played we loaded up the van, and drove 3 hours to play Bledfest. This was a crazy time. The fest took over a large high school in Howell Michigan and decked it out with vendors and an insane amount of music. There were 5 stages throughout the school, all with fantastic sound systems, and tons and tons of bands. It was great to be able to pop in and out of shows and the energy was high. Our set was one of my favorites that we've had. There were really great vibes in the room, and the sound engineer, Kerry, let us get super loud. 

We met so many kind people at all three gigs and right now it's nice to be back in Michigan. We're taking a day off tomorrow to hang out in Ann Arbor (my hometown) and then we are off to Canada. Next stop, London Ontario!

Look. A sandwich in the sun. 

Look. A sandwich in the sun.