Los Angeles

LA. The land where dreams come true and people are all a little bit prettier. The land where everyone seems to be distantly related to George Clooney or Cher. The land the band Warpaint is casually DJ-ing between sets at the show you open up for, and the venue looks like it's a set from the TV show Girls...

These last few days have been a blast. We have been crashing with our friend Brian who happens to be a brilliant stylist- he does hair for the guy who funded Kickstarter, as well as probably George Clooney's cousin (one of those statements is true). We picked up a show two days ago when our Yuma show got switched up and ended up playing at a bar called King Eddy's Tavern on a seedy, perfectly un-polished street in downtown LA. It reminded me of a Cincinnati bar called Junkers- and is the definition of a dive bar. It was a super great time. The band we opened up for, Hepa.Titus was one of the best bands I've heard and seen in a long time. They were super heavy, dissonant, rhythmically jarring, and kind of reminded me of if Dead Rider was even weirder. Which is great. I love weird. I geeked out to the singer, Kevin, only to find out later that he has been in a million bands that I love. He played in The Cows and The Melvins. What. the. fuck. It was cool that we got to see him in his current completely badass project. Anyway- this city is filled with so many brilliant badass music legends that chances are 7/10 of the people you see on the street have played back up for St. Vincent. I'm making up these statistics but that is what it feels like and I'm digging it. 

The next night we played a totally different kind of space-- at Center Civic Studios, also in downtown LA. It was a more sterile, polished space-- a converted large studio space turned night time venue. We played with Facial (grungy, super catchy) and Goldensuns (indie rock)-- both of which were amazing. Between our sets, members from the band Warpaint DJ-ed. I love that band as well, so that was a trip. 

Today we play in Carlsbad at The Stag and Lion Pub and Grille. I have about an hour more to hang out in the air conditioned paradise of an apartment we are staying at (with the cutest dog on earth- Pierre) and then we head on. (we'll be back in the valley for our show on Sunday though. Not leaving LA completely yet..)

all the love-




Pierre. The most beautiful boy in LA.

Pierre. The most beautiful boy in LA.