Going to Sunspace was an experience that was truly one of a kind. I had never been to the valley before. I'm not even sure if you're supposed to capitalize it as The Valley or whether only LA people are allowed to really talk about it as such. Anyway, everyone in LA proper talked about it like it must be some totally different weird world. It seemed pretty normal- but then again, I live in Ohio, so I probably wouldn't observe a place as strange if it seemed a bit more regular. 

Sunspace was tucked into a little shopping center, and is almost like a secret. I highly recommend going if you live in the area. 

Reasons to go to Sunspace

1. They have this thing called Unusual Tuesdays that everyone kept talking about. I haven't been, but the way everyone was talking about it, it sounds like once you go you have to keep going back to it. Like a coffee habit. I heard it gets delightfully bizarre, which makes sense after seeing...
2. The House Band- Fer. I can't say anything that will do the experience of seeing this band live justice. So I'll just attempt to describe it. Their set started with a man wearing a paper-maché pair of lips (completely obscuring his head) stumbling out of a small door. Almost like a deer in headlights. The Lip Person was also playing key-tar and playing some pre-recorded voice memos of a man discussing the fact that we are all machines. The rest of the creatures in the band: a orange-alien, a mysterious sea woman, a large headed beast, and a red-dressed fan woman came out one by one in slow motion. It was theatrical without being overly performative. Almost as if they were just in their natural habitat and we all just happened to be there.  Behind them, the entire time, there was someone painting displayed in real time on an overhead projector. The music, their costumes, the painting, and their bizarre slow "under-water" movements, were hypnotizing. It felt like I couldn't take my eyes off of them, and like I was on this weird mental trip where these super-hero demons jumped inside my brain. 
Fer is a reincarnation of a band called The Fergus Show. You can find them on Spotify. They sound similar, but a bit more upbeat and funky at times. They are insanely good- check them out now. Anyway- Fer runs Unusual Tuesdays and if it is even slightly as strange and amazing as what happened on Sunday, it's worth checking out.
3. Great snacks. Hummus. Chips. Free.
4. Great couches
5. Kind, genuine people making expressive art. Right after the last band, someone gave a talk on art. Immediately following them was someone (Andy?) who read poetry. Everyone in the crowd was supportive and attentive. No one was on their phones.
6. Affordable entertainment in the LA area. It was run off of donations. You could see an entire afternoon-evening of music for 5 dollars.

More has happened since this. I might make another post this morning if I have enough time with the free wi-fi I'm on to post about our disastrous beach adventures..

all the love- heading to Santa Cruz to play tonight.