Things You Can Do At Whole Foods Without Spending Money

I've been tight on funds (obviously. I play music. That is how it goes)- and we are in Whole Foods country over here in California. Needless to say, whole foods is expensive as fuck and overpriced BUT here is a list of ways to enjoy the Whole Foods in your neighborhood without breaking the bank/spending any money whatsoever.

1. Find the cheese samples. Unless you are going late at night or ridiculously early on the morning, there will be a large pile of cave aged Gruyere with your name on it. Make the rounds. Put on sun glasses when you go back for the third time if you want to be/feel sneaky. 

2. The lotion/face care section of Whole Foods has samples for nearly every product. Treat yourself to luscious 20 dollar organic hand cream! Go in fresh faced-or if you woke up in a van like me-scary faced and try some of their expensive face sprays. Your face could smell like a rose or some sea salt fine mist. The choice is yours.

3. After freshening up at the lotion aisle, hit up the essential oil try me section and make yourself smell like a holistic health food store. For fun! 

4. Swoop over to the olive section. Oftentimes there are more elusive samples like dry but delicious corn bread or crusty 7 day old croissants waiting for you. 

5. After thoroughly enjoying your WholeFoods dining experience, why not sit back and relax with some free wifi on their outdoor patio? Bring your computer or your cell phone. Scroll through social media or read up on the latest horrific happenings of our President.  


Yesterday I was clued in by a cool employee of other ways to take advantage of Whole Foods. If you make friends with the bakery and bemoan to them about how you just don't know which kind of scone would be most appropriate for your party for long enough, you might walk away with a bag of free scones. Or better yet, you could do this trick with the cheese department.  

The Bay Area has been amazing!! We are heading to Chico now to play the naked lounge. More pictures to come 😍😍😍 

All the love- 


This session will end in 8 hours. 

This session will end in 8 hours.