We have spent the last..4? 5 or so days in Montana? This was our first time playing Montana and we tried to do as much Montana as possible. We played Missoula, Bozeman, Billings, and Great Falls. And then had a day off roaming around Great Falls. 

MISSOULA was wonderful. It's a small cute weird town that is filled with lots of great art and interesting people. Also had the best bagel I've had on this side of the country there. We played at a DIY space called The Zacc that hosts shows and also does a lot of neat work for their community. One thing that they do is give free guitar lessons to veterans which I think is pretty awesome. After our show we went to an all night diner called The Oxford. Highly highly recommend it if you find yourself in Missoula. 

BOZEMAN was strange but good. Stuff with our show got moved around a lot and we ended up playing at a coffee shop called Wild Joe's. We had to play pretty quiet, which was challenging-and we definitely annoyed a few people who were there trying to study (sorry, ya'll). The city itself was pretty polished and nice. I didn't get the best feel for the city on the whole, I think because I was super tired that day- but I'd like to go back. Rumor on the street is that Justin Timberlake lives in Bozeman, and after living in Montana for about a minute, he decided to release an album called Man of the Woods. Which I think is hilarious. If Lung ever moves to Montana I think we will release an album called Lung of the Mountains or just rip JT completely and call it Lung of the Woods and fill the album with songs about how cool and rugged we feel now that we live in Montana.

BILLINGS We played a fest here and had an absolute blast. Julia Louis Drey-fest is put on by a collective in the area called Waste Division. Not much to say other than the fest was packed, and everything was insanity. Thank you folks behind Julia Louis Drey-fest for the absolutely fantastic evening. 

It ended with crashing at a nice person's house. I stayed inside (Daisy is allergic to cats) and Daisy camped outside. The only memorable thing here is that Daisy accidentally camped on top of an automated sprinkler system. ha!..ha.. :( :( :( :( He will have to be the person to tell that story, not me.

GREAT FALLS Played at Back Alley Pub- a hole in the wall pub in a back alley. As you'd probably expect, given the name. It was a great way to cap off our Montana experience. The town itself was pretty quiet but everyone who showed up to the pub was into music and to having a good time. We made lots of buds. One person who I now adore is named Mandy. We were chatting about body hair and I told her about the time some guy at a KY show asked if my armpit hair was real, and I let him know it was and that he could pull it if he wanted to. Mandy and I decided that there should be a hair putting on device, kind of like a reverse lint-roller, called Roll On Yeti for times like this when people approach you about how you like your body hair. You can just look them dead in the eye and start yeti rolling anywhere you see fit. 

TODAY we head to Canada. I think we are going to be there for about 4 days. Wish us luck! I have heard crazy things about Calgary :D :D



Inspiration for our third full length album, which will be songs all written about/in/by Montana.

Inspiration for our third full length album, which will be songs all written about/in/by Montana.