Oregon? Washington?

Things are good! Oregon has been fantastic. During these last few days we have played so many shows with so many old friends. It has felt kind of like a time warp- revisiting cities that we played on our first tour out west 2 years ago. In some of the places we have travelled I intentionally went to little coffee shops and wine bars I had gone to in November 2016. We played shows with some of the same bands as well: Third Seven (badass solo cello artist out of Bend), Guardian of the Underdog to name a few. 

We are a little over a month into this stretch of our tour. In my experience, the 1 month mark is when I start to get crazy emotional about everything. I  think it’s a combination of being fully used to the disorienting life style of being a different city every day, unpredictability of sleep//general exhaustion, and having a diet that consists of the taco bell dollar menu, bag salad and hard boiled eggs that makes the body and emotions a bit more sensitive. Right now I’m just feeling ridiculously grateful to be stuck in a van with Daisy and Rachelle. And for being able to play all these shows and meet people. It is a little sad sometimes though, meeting interesting people and realizing that you probably won’t see them for years to come or maybe ever again. 

Today we are heading to Washington state to play in Bremerton Washington. Before we get there we are setting up camp. It’s been too long since we have gone camping, and Rachelle found some great spots. Hopefully we won’t have another California-beach-camping situation..