Cello Geek: Review of Incredibow

This is an un-paid un-sponsored post about Incredibows. Anyone who has seen me play a show in the past 2 years knows that I shred my bows to bits. I would be down with this except that even inexpensive bows are 30 dollars and we are hardly home enough to get bow re-hairs for my 600 destroyed cello bows….

I’m going to review this bow on a star system, because why not? Everybody likes the star system. 


5/5 Stars

I go through hair on cello bows that way guitarists go through picks. Which is super punk rock, but not great for my already pathetic bank account. I have officially played over a month's worth of shows (40 or so) since buying this bow. I've driven across all different temperature ranges-Washington State through Montana, up through Canada and down through the Dakotas and Minnesota back to humid Ohio. I have not broken a single bow hair, and am playing harder than I ever have. 

The bow hair is made out of a special carbon hair that their company specially designed to be both horse friendly (no horse hair) and incredibly strong. The bow hair itself can be bought at a low price of 20 dollars and works incredibly well. I definitely recommend buying their rosin along with the bow, just because it works well with synthetic hair. 


5/5 Stars

The bow, even the regular model that I have, is incredibly light weight. This, in combination with how durable the bow hairs are, makes the bow feel like an extension of your arm. The bow is highly responsive, and is making me play with more stylistic variation. I have been able to use a wider range of dynamics-and the volume boost pedal that I was thinking of getting to enhance choruses and louder parts of songs is no longer something I feel like I need to purchase. 

The light weight nature of the bow also makes it very easy to go back and forth between pizzicato (plucked) parts of songs, and bowed parts. It’s just really easy to use. 

The only thing that I think takes a bit of getting used to is the styling of the frog. It is a little bit different than most bows  but I haven’t found it to be hard a hard adjustment- and it doesn’t seem to be creating any hand or arm tension. Incredibow custom makes their bows, so I’m sure if you have very specific needs for the frog of your bow, they would be happy to make a bow that would suit you. 



6/5 Stars

I use a regular Incredibow, but after falling in love with this bow, I am definitely going to save up for one of their custom badass models. I’m thinking that in a few months I might invest in a carbon fiber silver glitter bow. Maybe something dark red…or leopard print.. Their regular bows look regular. If you like to keep it on the conservative side of things, no one will know that you are using a way more affordable way more durable bow than theirs—they will just be envious of how much sound you are able to get out of it. 



Stringed instruments, and the bows that accompany them, are on the expensive side. 200 dollars for a custom made bow is frankly un-heard of. When I called them, super desperate, on my way to Washington, I asked if they had ANYTHING that they could send my way. They had one used bow in stock and sold it to me for 75 dollars (which is crazy cheap). The person I talked to on the phone was nice, and not condescending at all (sometimes you get that at music shops..)- and when I asked her about the pricing of their bows and why they were so inexpensive, she told me that they think that good bows should be affordable. How great is that. Buying from this company is supporting a small Arkansas business that is more concerned about people being able to afford high quality bows than making as much as they could off of it. 


Another thing that is not quite normal on Incredibow’s is the high tension of the bow hair. I personally think it is at a perfect tension level, but it should be noted these bows do not have a tension nob. The tension that is on the bow is what you get. You might be able to ask them to make them in a specific way for you- but I thought I’d give folks a heads up that that is an unusual feature to the bow.


I cannot sing the praises of this bow enough. I have spent WAY too much money in the past few years on cello bows, and this bow is an absolute life saver. It is making it far easier to play my electric cello than ever before-giving me louder tones on my double stops- specifically being able to grip 3 strings at once for non oscillated 3 tone chords. I've been home for a few weeks, and have been writing more songs than ever in different styles- partially due to how easy this bow is to use. I'm no longer afraid of losing bow-hairs/money every time I practice or perform. It's amazing! 


Obviously this bow isn’t indestructible. If you put it in an oven, it will probably catch on fire or melt. If you have an angry cat at your house, it will probably destroy this bow for fun. I don’t recommend running over it with a car or throwing it into a puddle off of a 4 story building. Other than that, it should be good. 


Now that I have this bow, I have a lot of dead old cello bows lying around my apartment. I think I might make cat toys out of them, turn them into very short walking sticks, or start a small fire in my backyard.

To buy an incredi-bow go to: https://www.incredibow.com/product/incredibow-omnibow/