The last few months have been a freaking blast. We ended up doing 4 weeks on the east coast, and 5 weeks on the west coast. Every day was a different city and a different venue with totally different vibes. 

A few things I have learned from tour..

1. The West Coast really does have the best tacos.
Seriously so many free spicy salsas and homemade tortillas. I think all we ate from California down through Texas was Mexican food and I do not regret this in the slightest. Tacos all day. I still have dreams about them (the tacos).
2. Turns out the midwest is just as flat as everyone says it is. 
Being from the midwest, I always just thought that folks were being obnoxious about how pretty everywhere else is..but wow...the west has beautiful mountains, the east has rivers and some sort of body of water in every city, and Appalachia is just hilly and gorgeous. The midwest still has my heart though. We make the best beer, and when all of the coastal cities flood and global warming screws us all, Cincinnati will be like a cross between NYC and San Francisco. 
3. Living out of a van is totally possible
I think by the end of tour I preferred sleeping in the van to sleeping in my house. We never had to sleep in the van in the dead of winter though, so I'm sure that would be a much different story. 
4. Oregon has the best rest stops
Free coffee. At every one. Praises.
5. People are really pretty kind
It was really surprising how generous and nice most people were while we were out on the road. All of the people that we stayed with, and all of the venues had really interesting stories and were overwhelmingly hospitable. I guess it's nice to know that in a time of so much political divisiveness and uncertainty that you can count on many strangers to be good people. Thanks to everyone who gave us spots to shower, unexpected and delicious dinner, and all around good times. 
6. You can totally live off of canned beans and taco bell.
Gross, but true.

We are home for the winter, and are taking the next  few months off to finish our full length album and to write new material. The album is sounding pretty cool, and Rachelle (basically the third member of the band-who does our art and makes life altogether better) is working on some amazing artwork for it. You can expect it to be released by March 16th, and we will be announcing specific dates for our spring tour in the upcoming weeks. 

Sending all the love.





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