Street Sects::(in)voluntary sensory deprivation

Watching Street Sects perform is a totally surreal experience that puts you in the center of a different, less tangible world. Thirty minutes before the show the room fills up with fog. You are suddenly transported to a small solitary space, and the sensation is similar to that of a room slowly but surely filling up with water. You don't realize how foggy it is going to get until you can barely see your hands in front of you. You don't realize how intense it is until everything goes completely black and the music starts. It is an experience of involuntary sensory deprivation. 

Leo acts as more of an antagonist than a lead singer. He is commanding and horrific, coming just close enough to your face to feel threatening. The lights coldly flicker on and off, and the music is loud and dissonant enough to feel in the hollows of the floor as well as deep in your chest. I don't want to give away all of the twists and turns, but when their set is over, and the regular lights snap back on, you get this bizarre feeling of being woken up from a strange strange dream prematurely. Both their music and their stage work is not to be missed and is truly unique.

We have had the pleasure of sharing several shows with Street Sects. We hopped on a show with them in Charlotte super last minute at The Milestone. The night was filled with good bands (Konvoi, Planet Creep), a lot of catching up, and PBR.